A Year of Inspirers 2021 (1) – love and illumination, and the desert – T.S.Eliot

For me, T.S.Eliot is the writer of time, of love, of spirituality, and of “the desert”.

He writes about the spiritual desert -“The Waste Land” – as he calls it in one of his most influential early works.

desert TSEliot
Lines from “Choruses from The Rock”

These lines were inspired by his poetry:

Movements of Time


In a world of time

we must find a way

to bear reality


At a still point

descending deeper

than the twittering world

the silence rinses the soul


And the word is here

in the quietness of the desert

though assailed by shrieking voices

of temptation


Love remains the mover


beyond time.

loveprimal OOM

Eliot also writes about what he calls “moments of illumination”, as in this wonderful phrase (from “The Waste Land”):

Gazingintoheartlight ELIOT

“The heart of light” – the idea of a “timeless moment” inspired this:



there is a timelessness

in a moment


That cuts deeper

into the mind

than the soul understands


And the spirit arises anew

forever now facing

a different direction

however unnoticeable.

Eliot sees both how life feels meaningless and empty for some, but he went on more and more to see how transcendence is possible:

pentecostalfire ELIOT

My final poem for this post was inspired, like the other two, by “Burnt Norton” in Eliot’s wonderful work “Four Quartets”.  There is a beautiful passage there about how the human body’s “dance” is like the movement of the stars, and I wanted to express this wonder about the order of the universe, notwithstanding how confusing life often is…

There is a pattern in the universe

the flow of the blood

the drift of stars

the seasons of the moon


We take our place in the dance

moving hesitantly



But the dance goes on

lifts with its music


Moves our feet

with the rhythm of the heart.


T.S.Eliot died 4th January 1965.


dancegoesone OOM

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