Advent Art (1) – Light From Darkness

Advent Art (1) – Light From Darkness

The light shines in the darkness.

William Blake, who created the image above, was a rebel, and he sometimes portrays other people’s images of God as repressive and opposed to human freedom.

In his image, Blake’s God has both the wisdom of age and the energy of youth. He is caught up in the wild energies of creation and also brings order with that compass made of light beams.

Blake’s God is very human, suggesting to me that there is a human meaning to the universe.

In the beginning was the Word.

Christmas will reveal “the Word” as a baby. God will come in human form, not as a powerful deity reaching down from the light of heaven, but as child growing up, developing, as we do, from his mother’s womb.

People have different conceptions of God. Is “he” like an old man in the sky, or a vigorous youth, or both? Is gender irrelevant to divinity and just a metaphor that gets in the way? Is a baby a more accessible way to approach “The Ancient of Days”?

2 thoughts on “Advent Art (1) – Light From Darkness

  1. One of your best posts. You echo what Hans Urs von Balthasar meant by the humanity of his divinity. And as you correctly communicate here, ‘his’ refers not only to Christ and his incarnation, but the humanity of God!


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