Inspiring Poems: “By a sunbeam I will climb…”

I love the way this poem begins with the way every day of our life begins: with the opening of our eyes…


I cannot ope mine eyes,

But thou art ready there to catch

My morning-soul and sacrifice:

Then we must needs for that day make a match.


morningsoul MATINS HERBERT

This poem, by George Herbert, one of my many “inspirers”, then moves deeper, and explores the human heart:


My God, what is a heart?

Silver, or gold, or precious stone,

Or star, or rainbow, or a part

Of all these things, or all of them in one?


My God, what is a heart,

That thou shouldst it so eye, and woo,

Pouring upon it all thy art,

As if that thou hadst nothing else to do?


whatisaheart MATINS HERBERT

The poem is called “Matins” (an old word meaning morning prayer).  Each morning brings the day, each day brings the sun, and this has got to be the greatest line in the poem… “By a sunbeam I will climb to thee.

Teach me thy love to know;

That this new light, which now I see,

May both the work and workman show:

Then by a sunbeam I will climb to thee.



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