Logos Therapy (5) – The Human Spirit

“Logos therapy” is a phrase I have developed by exploring how the ideas of Victor Frankl (“logotherapy”) and spirituality (“logos”) could be combined.

In Understanding Man’s Search for Meaning, Elizabeth Lukas, a follower of Frankl’s, writes:

“human beings are  more than mere victims of their pasts or  mere results of their learning”


She goes on:

“…to make and to keep patients healthy, medical professionals must not neglect the human spirit … that can take a stand against past traumas and faulty learning, and thus release the self-healing power of the human being.”


In Christian spirituality, human beings are creations of a past reaching all the way back to “the logos” – the purpose and meaning of the universe. 

Each human person is uniquely created “in the image of God”.  It is impossible to exhaust the meaning of this phrase, but I interpret this at last as meaning that we are all capable of knowing divinity.

And Christian spirituality also agrees that “the human spirit” is an essential aspect of being human.  By our spirit we know God, we can love God.  By our spirit we are known and loved.  To be human is to be spiritual as well as bodily, emotional and mental.

So do not neglect the human spirit!

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