Logos Therapy (3) – Created Spiritual Beings

Logos Therapy is about discovering a healing meaning to life through the “logos”, or meaning, of life. In Christian spirituality, the “logos” means Christ.

Life has a meaning because life is created – think of that wonderful image created by Michelangelo:

Life has a source, a spiritual origin, beyond the physical origin of our birth parents. And so it has a purpose. Life is intentional.

Life’s call is fruitfulness, whether we are in a relationship or single. Christ was single. The biblical stories of Adam depict him in a relationship -perhaps the woman God has his arm around in Michelangelo’s fresco above is Eve?).

Christ is called “a second Adam”, and so from the point of view of “logos therapy”, we see that a new creation is possible, a new start in life is possible, in relationship with the logos, the meaning of our life, in Christ. And this brings healing.

“…the free gift in the grace of the one man…the abundance of grace…life for all…”

from Romans Chapter 5

To know ourselves as created spiritual beings is to know that each of us is very special. Truly there is a personal breath and touch of grace for each and every one.


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