Logos Therapy (2) – Why does life have a meaning?

Logos Therapy (2) – Why does life have a meaning?

Why does life have a meaning?

Victor Frankl’s “logotherapy” sought to help people discover meaning and purpose in their lives as way of helping them to re-discover their mental and emotional health. As Elizabeth Lukas wrote:

The idea of Logos Therapy, however, goes further, and seeks the spiritual purpose behind life in Christian spirituality.

Created and Free

Christian spirituality claims that life is created by God, so life’s purpose is God’s purpose, and so each individual life finds its own meaning and purpose in that wider and deeper meaning to the whole universe, under God’s creation and care.

Life involves freedom, and therefore risk, and therefore suffering is an integral part of existence. There can be both suffering and logos – meaning. The suffering of Christ makes this clear.

Through faith and spirituality, reason and dialogue, love and relationships, purpose can be discovered by every individual in relationship with the logos, with God.

It is very therapeutic indeed to discover that after all, each life does have a meaning. That my life has a meaning.

And it is an enthralling journey, if also agonising, to continually explore this meaning in relationship to God, as part of the life-walk of every human being.

As it is written in the Christian scriptures:

From his fullness we have all received grace upon grace.

from John’s Gospel

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