Christian Spiritualities – The Psalms

“…like a tree

Planted by streams of water,

Which yields its fruit in season,

And whose leaf does not wither…”

(from Psalm 1)

So many Psalms have inspired me to write, but this post focuses on just one – the first Psalm.

The beautiful image of a tree, in the extract above, growing beside a flowing river, is so evocative:

treestreamswater PSALM 1

I was inspired to write this poem by earlier lines in the Psalm, about how we as humans draw inspiration from our “roots” – that is, our spiritual roots.

My Spirit Drinks Deep

Another phrase finds me out

just a few words are enough


For thought to be inspired

And my spirit drinks deep


From the waters of life

that never run dry.

myspiritdrinks SOG

Your own spiritual roots, your “waters of life” so to speak, may be very different from mine. 

If you have read any of my “Inspirers” posts, you will have read about some of the many people who have helped me to “drink deep from the waters of life”. Their words inspire me to write myself.

You can read all of Psalm 1 here.

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